Pine Needle Mountaineering is a proud partner of Trails 2000. Trails 2000 is your local, nonprofit, trails organization connecting you to the outdoors. The organization plans, builds and maintains trails, educates trail users, and encourages connectivity on roads, paths and trails. The leaders behind the Silver and Gold Levels Bicycle Friendly Durango; the Commuter Challenge, SMART 160 Trail and the Chapman Hill Bike Park Project. Trails 2000 is involved in all elements of connectivity.

The organization cares for all types of trails: hike, bike or horse, and encourages everyone to join in. Their group is very involved in the community and in trail planning from singletrack to bike paths. They have been working on planning connections for over twenty years!

For more information visit www.trails2000.org.

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Photo Credit: Scott DW Smith

Photo Credit: Scott DW Smith